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The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which has become applicable on January 1, 2020, provides new privacy rights to Consumers (as defined in the CCPA), and imposes obligations on Businesses (as defined in the CCPA) when processing personal information.

What is BigaBig’s role under the CCPA?

The CCPA distinguishes between three roles for Businesses involved in the processing of personal information:

  • Business (similar to “data controller” under GDPR);
  • Service provider (similar to “data processor” under GDPR); and-
  • Third party (similar to a Business that does not have a direct interaction with the consumer).

Based on our preliminary understanding and assessment of the CCPA and depending on the roles and responsibilities that will be passed to us by our clients and partners, BigaBid will typically assume the role of Service provider/Third party.

What does BigaBid do in order to comply with the CCPA?

  • BigaBid is in the process of implanting industry standardizes mechanisms (such as the IAB CCPA framework) to ensure Data Subject rights are exercised in a lawful manner. In BigaBid’s case, this will only apply to the use of targeted advertising, and once we receive and verify that the request is valid and indeed filed by a California resident, we will take steps to refrain from providing them with targeted, personalized ads (note however that this does not mean that we will not show ads at all).
  • When acting as Service Provider/Third Party then we will act only in accordance with the the instructions of the Business’ for whom we process the Personal Data pursuant to a written agreement and for a business purpose only. In such case, any Data Subjects requests that we may receive will be referred to the applicable Business who will deal with such requests directly.
  • We have recently updated our Privacy Policy, Website, Data Processing Addendum and procedures for handling Data Subject requests to ensure that they sufficiently address CCPA consumer rights and the required practices. We will continue to update those policies and procedures on an ongoing basis in accordance with evolving regulations and industry standards.
  • We are following the developments in the legislative and regulatory process surrounding the CCPA and the California Attorney General’s Proposed Regulations, and engage in regular ‘benchmarking’ in light of emerging industry practices and standards.

For more information about our privacy practices, your personal information and how we use it, please visit our Privacy Policy, our legislative resource pages, or email us at:

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